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* It's not Amway (Quixtar), Herbalife, Mannatech, NSA, NuSkin etc.
* It's not a franchise
* It's not wholesaling
* It's not door to door selling
* It's not a get rich quick scheme
* It's not a distributorship
* It's not retailing or selling
* It's not stocking products
* It's not Multi-Level Marketing
* It is not like any other business you've ever experienced.


If you brush your teeth, use shampoos conditioners, take vitamins, buy over the counter medications, wash your clothes, clean your home, or use many of the other everyday products that grocery and drug stores normally offer... then you are already doing what it takes to earn an extra income through a process called Consumer Direct Marketing. Instead of paying retail, you buy directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices (30% off retail). And instead of getting a .50 store coupon towards future purchases, you can get paid a commission simply by being a loyal customer and introducing others to the program.


Suppose for a moment that one of the main suppliers to your favorite grocery or drug store announced you could now take out a membership in their store (like Sam's Club or Costco) and buy directly from them and eliminate all of the usual middlemen profits, thereby saving you lots of money. Would you do it? Of course you would.

And since they won't be doing any expensive advertising themselves, they would pass on all of their advertising savings directly to you if you helped them by simply introducing other new customers to their factory direct buying.

They would be eager to send you a cheque every month. They would gladly pay you a commission on the purchases made by the new customers you had introduced. And they would even pay you a commission on the purchases made by the new customers that your customers also introduce.

This way they know they could increase the number of direct wholesale buying customers they had, at the same time eliminate a huge chunk of the overhead that most normal "retail type" stores would normally have to pay. Their customers could make extra money every month just by purchasing there and introducing other new customers to them, (something they probably did in the past anyway with their former grocery or drug store), but they never actually got paid for it, or received extra store coupons for it, or even received a simple "thank you cheque" for it.

As you can see, anyone can easily do this by simply buying from this factory store and introducing other new customers to it. Think about it: if you can get higher quality, safer, environmentally friendly, less expensive, 100% satisfaction guaranteed products that you're going to buy anyway, then don't you think everyone would want to buy directly from a factory like this instead? Of course they would! Thousands and thousands of people already are!


Customers buying directly from a factory like this can generate income for you and your family. Just transfer some of your family's purchases from local "retail" stores - by ordering directly at "wholesale" from the manufacturer using a toll free 800 telephone number.

In other words, you put the normal advertising expense and retail profits back into your own pockets (and not the stores). Besides that, if you introduce others to this factory direct program and they join the program, you will also get a cheque every month from the company on the purchases that these people make directly from the manufacturer for themselves and their families.

You don't have to sell anything to anybody. You don't have to take money from anybody. You just use the products and introduce others to the program. They to can also share in the company's profit sharing.


Do you know 8 or 10 people? That's right! If you know eight or ten people who would also like to save money by purchasing Factory Direct at wholesale prices, then you're on your way to building a residual income for yourself! Most of the products this factory makes, you're already purchasing from some retail store. The difference is this company will reward you and others for purchasing from them. When was the last time your favorite store paid you for purchasing products from them? Or by introducing others to the program paid you a commission on their monthly purchases ???


It's Factory Direct Catalogue Shopping/with profit sharing.
It's a business you can start for only  $29.00  - -

* Stock anything - - -
* Inventory anything - - -
* Pick up or deliver anything - - -
* Sell anything - - -
* Do a ton of paper work - - -
* Keep your own records (company does it for you) - - -
* Worry about overhead (there is none) - - -
* Worry about risk (there is none) - - -

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* Exceptional Products & Services - for the health and
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