HOW CAN YOU HELP Gold Rock Outdoor Schools?


Today's young people face different challenges than in the past. But one thing that remains constant is the need for community support. Gold Rock Outdoor Schools relies on corporations and other community organizations for donations of time, talent, experience, educational and financial support that bring unique, successful programs to the community. We give a heartfelt thanks to all who make our programs successful. We encourage you learn about them.

bulletAs an important member of this community we are asking 

friends, family, businesses, service clubs, media, Churches, Church organizations, restaurants, Schools, Colleges, car dealerships, R.V. Parks, Parks and Recreation, Council members, Seniors and anyone who would like to help our organization get started to  participate.

We are not like other organizations. We have curriculum based programs to serve youth pre-k to 21. We have at least 9 different programs to offer the community. Our peer proof program helps youth deal with issues at their level including self reliance, self confidence, making friends, good decision making and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

We have a Teens in Action Program. 

We have an environmental World Wise program

We have a gift of giving (teaching community service) program.

Our traditional Clubs work weekly to build caring, confident youth and future leaders.

Gold Rock Outdoor Schools still holds traditional summer camp and councillor training opportunities.

We believe we have an excellent youth development organization and we can make a difference in this community.

We need your support...Please help us in any way you can.


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